Non-Toxic Sun Screen

CHOOSE YOUR POISON:  Deadly chemicals in the sunscreen OR deadly cancer from the sun’s rays.

I prefer neither and you can too!!!

There has been a lot of press lately about sunscreen products including a lot of confusing data thrown in with a mixture of different opinions.  Sorting through and absorbing all of this data takes not only a lot of time, but in most cases, having to form your own opinion of what is correct, needed, or just plain useless information written to fill up space or meet an obligation of payment.

As a nutritional consultant and mom, I have spent countless hours pouring over store shelves, company websites and internet searches to find the optimal sunscreen product for both my clients and my two sons.  Over the years, the brands have changed, each claiming coverage without harmful chemicals.  Each year as a new boast was made, I would shreik at what I had used the previous year, all the time thinking that I had found the creme de la creme for us that year.

When they were younger, my sons would sometimes go bareskinned vs applying harmful chemicals on the largest organ of their body!  It was almost shameful to admit at the time that they didn’t wear sunscreen, but deep in my heart if there was not a good, clean product available, I could not make myself slather poison on my precious family in order to protect them from another different kind of poison, skin cancer.

Until two weeks ago, it has been a frutal search in finding the perfect sunscreen that I could put my name and reputation behind.  Thanks to a seventeen year old girl, we now, finally, have a sunscreen on the market, ready for massive distribution in the U.S.  that is 100% FREE of Toxic Chemicals, 30 SPF, eliminates the white messy cream, and leaves the skin feeling so smooth!

A lot of the brands this summer are advertising cleaner products, but there always seems to  be one or two toxic ingredients left in.  Ava Anderson’s Non-Toxic Sunscreen gets a “0” score on the Cosmetic’s Database and it is affordable! It comes in a 2.9 oz tube for $18.95.

Here is the list of ingredients provided by their website:

Active ingredients: zinc oxide (21%, non-nanoparticle). Inactive: beeswax (organic), theobroma cacao seed butter
(organic cocoa butter), butyrospermum parkii (organic shea butter), olea europaea oil (organic olive oil), simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba oil).

Summer has just begun; we have many more sunny days ahead!  If you would like to purchase your first tube of Ava Anderson’s Non-Toxic sunscreen that really works to block out the sun’s rays without risking absorbing toxic chemicals into your body, visit their website:

ORDER TODAY!  For purchases during the month of June, during checkout, use Party #2943 and be entered into a Non-Toxic Product giveaway.




DAY 65

DAY 65  – Thankful to be alive.. sitting in a hospital room with a dear friend – entered hospital today with chest pains.

CLUE:   Live in the moment, not in the past or the future! Never take a breath for granted, nor friends or family.

Sitting in the hospital room right now with a friend… makes you appreciate life and health.  I ran by GG in Addison and picked up THE most delicious bowl.  With the stress, it is ok to get Udon Noodles and eat half of them.  BBQ beef and Broccoli was the fare today!
Sliced beef, Ginger,Broccoli, Cilantro, Eggs, Garlic Water, Green Onions, Onions, Snap Peas, Mongo BBQ Sauce, Udon Noodles.  I ate half only so the follow is what I consumed.
Calories: 264.5, Protein: 18.7, Carbohydrates: 35.8, Dietary Fiber 2.3, Total Fat: 4.6

DAY 64

DAY 64

CLUE  to  Finding Belinda’s New Body: Be thankful & live in peace.

The right ATTITUDE is necessary right now in my life for survival!  With so much going on, being pulled in so many different directions right now,  it would be so easy to crash and burn.  I know this.

Taking a deep breath, blowing out all the stress, negative and cares of the world is manditory.  Not sure how or when this stuff manifested, but in order to finish this race strong, peace has to reign.

I have a thankful list.  It keeps me balanced.  As a widow with children, things get, well, kinda scarey.  I am a woman of great faith and that is key.  Knowing that eventually everything will be balanced agian is comforting.

I miss going to GG everyday and hanging out; need to do it again beginning tomorrow.  Business was suffering so I had to stop, but now NOT being there is not working either.  Need my creative juices to kick in!!!!  Accepting ideas! lol Pic of Bowl


DAY 63

CLUE: Finding Belinda’s New Body – ADAPT

We have a large storm approaching the DFW area.  Praying that it is not bad, splits and goes around us but I cannot wait until later as I usually do when it is hot to walk.  I need to go NOW!  The temptation is to blow it off and wait until tomorrow.  Once I was labeled a Procrastinating Perfectionist.  Since being labeled, have learned skills to overcome this trait!  So, the decision is NOT TO WAIT until tomorrow and get going.  I will be glad that I did when I get back home!

To go bowl early evening, ate half Mahi Mahi brown rice n veggies.  Fish, cilantro, pineapple, squash/zucchini, broccoli, green/white onions, garlic water, roasted tomato sauce.  Calories 380 Sodium 410
Walking before rain gets here!

CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body: ADAPT!
BelindaL  Addison, TX

DAY 62 – Need new shoes!

DAY 62 My shoes are getting loose!  That is a good thing-right? lol

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CLUE for Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Break out of the box – I have been using the same sauces over and over because they were ‘safe’ – low in calories and mainly low in sodium.  I asked Manager Ed what his fav sauce today was and he said 3G SO, I tried about 2 Tablespoons of 3G with the garlic water and 3 Tablespoons of BBQ.  It was amazingly great. To keep the sodium/calories down I only ate half.
I will try another combination tomorrow-after consulting the GG’s website for the details of the sauces!

Typical me… adventure but get stuck in what I know works…today was adventure day as I broke out and tried a sauce that is not on my safe list!

There is a world of opportunities just waiting for us to open the box!      view details

Loving eating at Genghis Grill everyday…. I will probably go thru withdrawels for sure after the Khantest! ;(

DAY 61

DAY 61 ~  Having F U N !!!!

Khan you believe it has been 2 months? !!!!!!
Check out previous  blogs for the blow by blow progress!
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Track and field runner breaking the red tape at the finish line

CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Stay With….. Good ole Stay With.  For you younger kids out there, that means tenacity, not quiting, keep going no matter what!  Day 61, not exactly where I want to be with the weight because of my thyroid… VERY frustrating.        Also frustrated with the voting… people that say they will…. well,       they mean well, but they just forget!

Sure, I have been in the top 7 since the beginning, but 5th place “ain’t” gonna win this thing.  My creative mind is asleep, that is WEIRD since I am Miss Creative herself! lol
So, today, the manager asked, “are you better today?”  That really made me think….. wow… was I that negative & bummed  yesterday that he would remember?

Hmmmm, time to change the attitude: ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT needed immediately!
All the staff is SO very nice to me and encouraging when I go in.  I so appreciate them and GG!
>>>>I am asking for strength for the last leg!  Not just to make it to the finish line, but to be supercharged with creativity, weight loss & to


DAY 60

ggHealthkwest  DAY 60  Turkey/Noodles on the side!  Calories 425  Cilantro, green & white onions, broccoli, mushrooms, pineapple, Garlic water, roasted tomato sauce, 1 T citrus ginger, 1 T bbq sauce, noodles on the side!

Drama at the Dr.’s office w/ youngest.  He needed some blood work done, passed out cold!  I freaked out not knowing this could happen!  6’3″ 14 year old… I almost passed out seeing him turn gray!  Thankful it did not last long, got him home & made him rest the rest of the day!

I got my bowl to go around 5:30pm, no starch since it was later in the day; brought it home to eat so I could check on James. It was all wrapped up like a little surprise package!  Fun!!  It made me smile-so thankful I had really good food to eat.

CLUE to Finding Belinda’s new body…. don’t stress even in trauma…enjoy the little things-like a box of GG food to go! I pretended it was a present/treasure – when u think about it-it really is a treasure!!!

My eldest & I walked a mile up and down the hills in the neighborhood…very fun!
Belinda L  Addison, TX

DAY 59

DAY 59 – BBQ Beef & Broccoli  SO delish.  Got brown rice on the side.  I added mushrooms because of the fiber & potassium & vit D!!!  Mushrooms are one of the few foods that give you vit D!

Spent the morning helping 91 year old next door neighbor by taking her to the chiropractor.  Got my delishious bowl to go today.  Zoomed in and out today.

Recorded several Healthy CD’s today.  FUN!!!

CLUE:  Finding Belinda’s New Body is easier when I get the starches on the side!!!!

DAY 58

#ggHealthKwest  DAY 58  Green Veggies were on my mind!  No animal protein for me today…Green & white onions, broccoli, water chestnuts, green peas, bean sprouts, garlic water, 2 T roasted tomato sauce, 2 T citrus ginger, brown rice.
288 calories, 340 sodium  Even though tonite is the perfect walking weather, neighbor next door had attempted break-in, stayed with her for awhile till she calmed down-too late to be on the streets now:(  But helping a neighbor was worth it.

CLUE:  Always have a back-up plan!!! Mini trampolines are great inside  exercise!  This will help me find my new body!  Need to kick it up a notch; better call the guy at the gym! lol  I have been hesitant  because of some reports, but I am going to try it for the last 4 weeks of the Khantest.

Having my two sons eat with me today was a joy.
Belinda L  Addison, TX

DAY 57

Wow, we survived the storm last night and sure glad for the rain!  I have NEVER in my life seen the colors before that were on radar this morning about 4:45am in Dallas, Tx.  We saw black, white and grey!  Usually you see green, yellow, then red.  It went WAY past red!

Mahi Mahi today!  Large flaky chunks of fish, lots of broccoli, white and green onions, squash/zucchini, garlic water, ginger seasonings, all over fiber rich brown rice.  340 calories and 120 grams of sodium.  I ate half today.  Drank my green smoothie today – SO good for me!  Water, water, water.  Healthy Mocha.  Smoothie for supper.  Walked a mile, it was chilly and late.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  Seems when nothing else can go on my plate, while cutting my sons hair saturday, I found a large lump on the back of his head.  We have an appointment tomorrow.  It was extremely hard to get past the initial FEAR factor.  I had to make myself stop and make myself put my faith muscle in gear.  A long time ago, fear dominated my life, in all areas.  I lived and breathed fear to the point of panic attacks, could not leave my home, fear of the color red, etc.  When I met my husband, he recongnized it and taught me how to overcome fear.  I am alive today ONLY because he did.  It is a big part of my teachings today as I speak to women’s groups.  Fear can emobilize you to the point of where you cannot even get out of bed much less become a valuable human being to others around you.

Fear is usually contagious and hurts the ones you love also.  With this contest, I had to make sure that I was not operating in the fear of losing so that all the energy to win was mobilized.  I would love to say that I have totally eliminated fear from my life, it is impossible because I believe it is a spirit that comes to taunt people, but I have learned to control it and take control over it, thus can lead a normal and overcoming life because I know who I am now.

So, with finding the lump on my son’s head and the upcoming doctor’s visit on Tuesday, I find myself calm and peaceful knowing that we can meet this thing head on.  All things are possible because I believe!  Luke was born premature, weighed 4.9 pounds and stayed in the NICU unit 29 days until he was well enough to come home.  Those 29 days were dark moments but became a testimony to the Power of Yahweh.  I know that this power is still available for Luke in this situation and know it will be ok.

I got my healthy Mahi Mahi to go today, sending my youngest son in to get it.  I just didn’t feel like greeting people and being nice!  Not that I am mean… lol…. I was just turned inward today and could not reach out, even to go in to pick up the bowls.   And this is ok!  We cannot pretend to be people that we are not and this is a HUGE clue for Finding my New Body… I have to be Real, have to have Faith and have to Believe!