DAY 58

#ggHealthKwest  DAY 58  Green Veggies were on my mind!  No animal protein for me today…Green & white onions, broccoli, water chestnuts, green peas, bean sprouts, garlic water, 2 T roasted tomato sauce, 2 T citrus ginger, brown rice.
288 calories, 340 sodium  Even though tonite is the perfect walking weather, neighbor next door had attempted break-in, stayed with her for awhile till she calmed down-too late to be on the streets now:(  But helping a neighbor was worth it.

CLUE:  Always have a back-up plan!!! Mini trampolines are great inside  exercise!  This will help me find my new body!  Need to kick it up a notch; better call the guy at the gym! lol  I have been hesitant  because of some reports, but I am going to try it for the last 4 weeks of the Khantest.

Having my two sons eat with me today was a joy.
Belinda L  Addison, TX


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