DAY 61

DAY 61 ~  Having F U N !!!!

Khan you believe it has been 2 months? !!!!!!
Check out previous  blogs for the blow by blow progress!
VOTE: please
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Track and field runner breaking the red tape at the finish line

CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Stay With….. Good ole Stay With.  For you younger kids out there, that means tenacity, not quiting, keep going no matter what!  Day 61, not exactly where I want to be with the weight because of my thyroid… VERY frustrating.        Also frustrated with the voting… people that say they will…. well,       they mean well, but they just forget!

Sure, I have been in the top 7 since the beginning, but 5th place “ain’t” gonna win this thing.  My creative mind is asleep, that is WEIRD since I am Miss Creative herself! lol
So, today, the manager asked, “are you better today?”  That really made me think….. wow… was I that negative & bummed  yesterday that he would remember?

Hmmmm, time to change the attitude: ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT needed immediately!
All the staff is SO very nice to me and encouraging when I go in.  I so appreciate them and GG!
>>>>I am asking for strength for the last leg!  Not just to make it to the finish line, but to be supercharged with creativity, weight loss & to



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