DAY 60

ggHealthkwest  DAY 60  Turkey/Noodles on the side!  Calories 425  Cilantro, green & white onions, broccoli, mushrooms, pineapple, Garlic water, roasted tomato sauce, 1 T citrus ginger, 1 T bbq sauce, noodles on the side!

Drama at the Dr.’s office w/ youngest.  He needed some blood work done, passed out cold!  I freaked out not knowing this could happen!  6’3″ 14 year old… I almost passed out seeing him turn gray!  Thankful it did not last long, got him home & made him rest the rest of the day!

I got my bowl to go around 5:30pm, no starch since it was later in the day; brought it home to eat so I could check on James. It was all wrapped up like a little surprise package!  Fun!!  It made me smile-so thankful I had really good food to eat.

CLUE to Finding Belinda’s new body…. don’t stress even in trauma…enjoy the little things-like a box of GG food to go! I pretended it was a present/treasure – when u think about it-it really is a treasure!!!

My eldest & I walked a mile up and down the hills in the neighborhood…very fun!
Belinda L  Addison, TX


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