Non-Toxic Sun Screen

CHOOSE YOUR POISON:  Deadly chemicals in the sunscreen OR deadly cancer from the sun’s rays.

I prefer neither and you can too!!!

There has been a lot of press lately about sunscreen products including a lot of confusing data thrown in with a mixture of different opinions.  Sorting through and absorbing all of this data takes not only a lot of time, but in most cases, having to form your own opinion of what is correct, needed, or just plain useless information written to fill up space or meet an obligation of payment.

As a nutritional consultant and mom, I have spent countless hours pouring over store shelves, company websites and internet searches to find the optimal sunscreen product for both my clients and my two sons.  Over the years, the brands have changed, each claiming coverage without harmful chemicals.  Each year as a new boast was made, I would shreik at what I had used the previous year, all the time thinking that I had found the creme de la creme for us that year.

When they were younger, my sons would sometimes go bareskinned vs applying harmful chemicals on the largest organ of their body!  It was almost shameful to admit at the time that they didn’t wear sunscreen, but deep in my heart if there was not a good, clean product available, I could not make myself slather poison on my precious family in order to protect them from another different kind of poison, skin cancer.

Until two weeks ago, it has been a frutal search in finding the perfect sunscreen that I could put my name and reputation behind.  Thanks to a seventeen year old girl, we now, finally, have a sunscreen on the market, ready for massive distribution in the U.S.  that is 100% FREE of Toxic Chemicals, 30 SPF, eliminates the white messy cream, and leaves the skin feeling so smooth!

A lot of the brands this summer are advertising cleaner products, but there always seems to  be one or two toxic ingredients left in.  Ava Anderson’s Non-Toxic Sunscreen gets a “0” score on the Cosmetic’s Database and it is affordable! It comes in a 2.9 oz tube for $18.95.

Here is the list of ingredients provided by their website:

Active ingredients: zinc oxide (21%, non-nanoparticle). Inactive: beeswax (organic), theobroma cacao seed butter
(organic cocoa butter), butyrospermum parkii (organic shea butter), olea europaea oil (organic olive oil), simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba oil).

Summer has just begun; we have many more sunny days ahead!  If you would like to purchase your first tube of Ava Anderson’s Non-Toxic sunscreen that really works to block out the sun’s rays without risking absorbing toxic chemicals into your body, visit their website:

ORDER TODAY!  For purchases during the month of June, during checkout, use Party #2943 and be entered into a Non-Toxic Product giveaway.




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