DAY 62 – Need new shoes!

DAY 62 My shoes are getting loose!  That is a good thing-right? lol

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CLUE for Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Break out of the box – I have been using the same sauces over and over because they were ‘safe’ – low in calories and mainly low in sodium.  I asked Manager Ed what his fav sauce today was and he said 3G SO, I tried about 2 Tablespoons of 3G with the garlic water and 3 Tablespoons of BBQ.  It was amazingly great. To keep the sodium/calories down I only ate half.
I will try another combination tomorrow-after consulting the GG’s website for the details of the sauces!

Typical me… adventure but get stuck in what I know works…today was adventure day as I broke out and tried a sauce that is not on my safe list!

There is a world of opportunities just waiting for us to open the box!      view details

Loving eating at Genghis Grill everyday…. I will probably go thru withdrawels for sure after the Khantest! ;(


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