DAY 64

DAY 64

CLUE  to  Finding Belinda’s New Body: Be thankful & live in peace.

The right ATTITUDE is necessary right now in my life for survival!  With so much going on, being pulled in so many different directions right now,  it would be so easy to crash and burn.  I know this.

Taking a deep breath, blowing out all the stress, negative and cares of the world is manditory.  Not sure how or when this stuff manifested, but in order to finish this race strong, peace has to reign.

I have a thankful list.  It keeps me balanced.  As a widow with children, things get, well, kinda scarey.  I am a woman of great faith and that is key.  Knowing that eventually everything will be balanced agian is comforting.

I miss going to GG everyday and hanging out; need to do it again beginning tomorrow.  Business was suffering so I had to stop, but now NOT being there is not working either.  Need my creative juices to kick in!!!!  Accepting ideas! lol Pic of Bowl


One response to “DAY 64

  1. Stay focused you can do this. I know you have alot going on, but you need to do this to be healthy and strong to deal with the other stuff. Love ya!!!

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