DAY 55

#ggHealthKwest DAY 55! Fish, Broccoli, White onion, green onions, cilantro, garlic water, 2 tsp bbque sauce, 2 tsp citrus garlic, squash & zucchini all over healthy fiber rich Brown Rice Calories 290, I see that GG has a new Healthy Bowl created by Medical City Hospital. Calamari is the star this month! Check it out.

Today was a touching day as we attended a very special event at Rudy’s        B B-Que in Frisco for a precious missionary couple.  I was SO good & only had a glass of iced tea and smoked turkey.  My first glass of black tea since the Khantest began!  We have been so blessed by them and the event/fund raiser!  They go to dangerous places on the planet three months at a time.  It was a joy  to get out the house and REALLY have fun with old and new friends!  I shared GG with most everyone there; hope to get votes from a few!

clue TO fINDING BeLINDA’S NEW BODY: Do  unto others
Belinda L … Addison, TX


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