DAY 52 – What do you do?

On dreary days…. you get NOODLES! lol  CLUE: Finding Belinda’s New Body….. only eat half!  Yup, it is getting easier and easier to control the portions.  I ate half the noodles!  I used to ask the grill masters to just give me half but now I can overcome temptation! 

Adding the sliced beef and BBQ sauce was delish! I ate at lunch time but came back at night to visit with GG fans.  I met THE most adorable little girl who was all dressed up in a precious dance dress and she loves to dance!  Check out GG facebook page Wednesday – March 30th for the video…. so precious!

There was another LARGE youth group with THE most amazing counselor.  She really got my attention, she is a VERY special person.  If all youth had a person like her, there would be NO juv problems and every child would live with the confidence that they really do have someone that REALLY cares about them.  I would love to know more about her and her group.

It was BIRTHDAY time for BALTAZAR – 30 years old today , been with GG about 8 years, our most famous BACK OF THE HOUSE guy!  Wishing you MANY MANY more Baltazar! 

It is about time to get home…. tomorrow is another day! 
Dreaming BIG ~ Eating Healthy!!


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