DAY 50

Day 50!  If you have not voted yet, please do and share with your friends.  It’s getting rough at the top with the votes being SO close!   Thanks SO much for voting if you already have.

CLUE for Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Watch for the hidden dangers of artificial High Fructose Corn Syrup that leads to belly fat and obesity.  It can be hidden in sauces and meat!

  Today was another chilly day here in Big D but I absolutely luv it!  Walking is so much easier when it is cooler for me anyway!  Tonight, my youngest, who is having growing pains in his joints, sat and watched as I walked fast up and down the street, up and down the hill!  I walked faster tonight than ever and finally got out of breath the last leg of the walk.  This is definately getting easier!

I want to briefly finish discussing something that I covered previously and that is high fructose corn syrup. If you are trying to lost weight, you have to ditch the HFCS.  FINALLY…. in February, Princeton came out with their study.  The natural health community has been screaming this for years.

Here is a post  that I read today about the subject and it covers all that I teach!  No need to rewrite the book…..

You’re not still drinking soft drinks or eating junk food that contains high fructose corn syrup, are you? If you are, new research has a word for you: sucker.

A study from Princeton published in the February issue of the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior (PDF) shows that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), used as a cheap sweetener in everything from Coke to Progresso soup, is not the same as table sugar, namely for the way that it makes you gain 48% more weight.

Over 6 months, one group of rats was fed rat chow sweetened with HFCS and another just regular rat chow. The group consuming HFCS showed signed of obesity, like unusual weight gain, and big increases in triglycerides and fat deposits in the belly. Overall they rats on HFCS gained 48% more weight than those on a regular diet.

In an earlier study, the researchers gave one group of rats access to water sweetened with table sugar and another, water sweetened with HFCS. The rats on HFCS gained much more weight than the others. The concentration in the table sugar formula was the same as what is found in some soft drinks, while the HFCS was only half as concentrated as most soda pops.

“Some people have claimed that high-fructose corn syrup is no different than other sweeteners when it comes to weight gain and obesity, but our results make it clear that this just isn’t true, at least under the conditions of our tests,” said psychology professor Bart Hoebel. “When rats are drinking high-fructose corn syrup at levels well below those in soda pop, they’re becoming obese — every single one, across the board. Even when rats are fed a high-fat diet, you don’t see this; they don’t all gain extra weight.”

Since HFCS was introduced into the American food supply as a cost-effective sweetener, the population’s obesity rate has shot up from 15% in 1970 to nearly 33% today.

Well….. the bottom line I suppose is cost/$$$ in the industry.  I have NEVER seen a skinny person drinking a diet Coke!  READ your labels!  Put nothing in your cart that says HFCS.  They are getting sneaky now that this stuff is coming out, they are renaming it.  .  .  be informed… keep informed!

If you are wanting to lose weight, you have to be very choosy what goes into your mouth.  Genghis grill is a good place to eat a healthy meal – go online before you go and research the products and produce;  choose a healthier sauce; better starch.  Europe has banned the mess.  When will the US follow suit?  Hmmmm maybe never!

Dreaming Big ~ Eating Healthy!

Belinda LaCoste  Addison, TX


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