DAY 49

DAY 49 – Hard to believe!

CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body… Reading the labels/No compromise! 

It was a dreary & chilly day here in Dallas, the   perfect day for  tomato soup and cheese toast.  None of the ingredients to make this was in my kitchen.  When I picked up my son from camping trip, we ran around the corner to purchase a few things!

 The walmart shopping lot was packed as was Krogers. Across the street was Aldi’s.  The only two times I have tried to shop there, I left disappointed. Almost everything in the store has high fructose corn syrup….it is so weird.  This mess really plays havoc on your pancreas and sugar! I refuse to purchase any product with it!

Today, I was going to just run in and see if they carried tomato soup without HFCS or msg.  Well, they didn’t but what I did find was a large can of tomatoes from Canada with nothing but tomato puree.  I am not a regular advocate of tomatoes in can, but today we didn’t have many choices!!!!

I purchased a can of tomatoes, found a loaf of wheat/quinoh whole grain bread without HFCS…I was shocked actually and a pack of real cheddar slices with no colored dyes or junk! 

At home, I sauteed a whole chopped onion down in olive oil, low heat setting until the onion was very brown.  I had 3 beef sausage pieces, no chemicals so I added that to the skillet for flavor.  About 3/4 cup of water was added.  That simmered 30 minutes, water was added once.  After the 30 minutes, 1 cup milk was added and simmered another 10 minutes, then I
 added a pack of stevia crystals to sweeten it up a litte.  The cheese toast was broiled a few minutes.

I did not eat any, but both sons feasted on homemade tomato soup=no high fructose corn syrup or msg! 

We could have had a chemical laden meal…. but because I read every label before it goes into my basket, they were able to enjoy a healthy meal from almost scratch!…even though the tomatoes were canned!

I ran  to GG and fixed a very nice turkey/noodle/veggie bowl; limited my portion and was very satisfied!

Luke and I walked a mile and got to chit chat about the day.  I am really enjoying our walks.

READ YOUR LABELS: PREPARE YOUR TOXINS LIST & CARRY IT WITH YOU UNTIL U LEARN.  The simpliest way is not buy anything you cannot pronounce or anything man-made!



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