DAY 46

After seeing the advertisement here about Mavs tickets, my son and I rushed down interstate to uptown Lemmon Ave Genghis Grill, Front row parking space in the garage right by the elevators… i thought this was pretty cool, until I remembered that I am parking WAY AWAY from destinations for exercise!

Lunch was yummy, even saw my home town Addison Grill Master on the grill in the uptown GG.

The contest began…….  Name after name was pulled, T-shirts, Jason Terry bobbleheads and one set of tickets.  I was really believing and just had this ‘feeling’ that he was going to win.  And… BAM  name out of the bag..Last name out of the bag for the last pair of Mavs tickets…. James LaCoste   I could not contain myself.   I yelled really loud “YES YES!”  “Here he is”, pointing to James .  Of course by now he was totally an embarrased teenager!  I didn’t care.  We had prayed and agreed and layed our hands on the entry forms too!

Smooth sailing…parking, walking, Mavs won, met MavsManiAACs after game.  Did not get lost going or coming back home!

I did wake up a bit discouraged, got bumped out of 3rd place & probably if I looked tonight, out of 4th.  Voting is really close!  I keep telling myself, just ride the wave; they go up and down.  The most important thing is not to quit.  Eyes straight ahead, focused!  Keep my eyes on the prize!  It does not matter what I see, it can change!  Suddenly!!!

CLUE for Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Focus on my race, yes watch the competiton, but know that does not control my destiny!  I win no matter what!

In the uptown location for lunch, I met the most amazing man-a Divine appt!  He shared a book w/ me, how he is losing tons!!!  Gonna keep this a secret!!!

After the Mavs game, we met the Mavs ManiAACs.  That was fun!

Home now and ready for bed! No walking, walked enough from car to AA center! 🙂


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