DAY 45

#ggHealthKwest DAY 45 – Amazing Day to be alive!
     So busy today with clients, websites, healthy coffee biz, homeschooling the boys, cleaning house, non-toxic makeup conference call and breathing!  My son James was kind enough to run into the restaurant and fix my bowl for me.  I had intended in going in and socializing a bit but just had too much left to do today!
Kind of glad in a way that I didn’t tie up a chair, they were swamped however I probably missed getting 10 good votes tonight, so I fell to 4th place tonight.  I DO HAVE A PLAN for tomorrow though! lol
DELEGATION is the CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body.
I am usually SO picky, I like to do things myself especially when it comes to this Khantest!  My son, who loves to cook, did an amazing bowl for me – it was perfect and I mean perfect! woo hoo!

I am learning to DELEGATE more and more as my sons get older.  This helps with the stress and time management.  It is a good quality to learn!
I did not get to walk today…. too late now, almost midnight, don’t feel safe going without the group at night!  So, the trampoline will be my buddy for the next 30 minutes and then bed.
Blessings and Don’t forget to drink your water!

Dreaming BIG  ~  Eating Healthy


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