DAY 44

#ggHeathKwest!  Is DAY 44 – You HAVE to try this Bowl!  It is SO delicious and HEALTHY!

Mahi Mahi, Green onions, Stir Fry Mix, Cilantro, Sq/Zuc, Roasted Tomato sauce, Garlic Water, Cajun seasoning, Ginger seasoning  over Brown Rice.  I got the grill masters to grill the fish with the seasonings and tomato sauce; the veggies with the garlic water then mix together.  FLAVOR! Being from Cajun country, I enjoy the spice!

I did the goofiest thing today! In cleaning out the water cooler before putting the new Rain Fresh water bottle on, I used baking soda water to run thru several times.  We even used 5 gallonsof tap water-hot n cold- to rinse.  Apparently, the baking soda got stuck in the hot water dispenser & no matter how much water we put thru, the water tasted like salt!!!  ASK ME WHAT BAKING SODA & HEALTHY COFFEE TASTES LIKE——-YUK!

My 2 sons ran 10 gallons of hot water thru & I think we now have most out!  You should have seen my veins after drinking only two big sips!!! I will tell you this…if you have constipation, maybe a little baking soda will help! lol  I personally don’t recommend it cus of all the sodium!

Here is a quote I pondered today…We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us. But what we forget is that, paths are made by Walking, not by Waiting. …~unknown

Phoenix Suns lost tonight, 3 overtimes; sad loss!  It was hard staying up watching the game & not munching.  I grabbed 6 walnut halves & some OrganoGold Healthy Hot Chocolate! Tomorrow is another day!!!



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