DAY 43

DAY 43 

CLUE for Finding Belinda’s New Body…Exercise even when you have a good excuse not to.  It could have been SO easy today not to exercise BUT the decision was already made… it was on the schedule.  Make a plan – Do the plan Period;  that’s what winners do.

Walking a mile up and down hills has gotten so much easier.  Feb 7th, I could not have said that.  When I began, the farthest I could go without feeling weird or like a stroke was coming on was two mailboxes down.  Now, it’s 3 blocks up, 3 blocks over, 2 further blocks over, around the corner and back up the street.  1.23 miles!  This may not be much for some, but for a 54 year old out of shape mom, it’s HUGE!  I am thankful for the baby steps, where I am now, and where I will end up.

The plan is to continue walking when the Khantest has ended.  I teach this, but always seem to have 14 billion things that I deemed more important.  Now I have realized personally, that exercise IS a priority. Period.

Several people have called the restaurant asking what I have been eating.  By the weekend, I should have the past info of all the bowls I have eaten so far in the Khantest and will continue to post….. once I teach myself how to do it! lol

I know nutrition, I have in the past worked out with personal trainers and I teach some fitness, but because I am the breadwinner of the household, exercise was not manditory for existance!  At least that was the lie I believed. 

Because of GG Healthy Kwest Khantest, my life has changed. Thank-you !


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