DAY 42

DAY 42  

 Spring!  With less weight to carry around, I am walking around with a spring in my step!  Today passed by so very fast since I slept most of the day.  We spent all night at the emergency room with my youngest, thankfully it is just major inflammation and not a heart issue.  We arrived home at 5:30am, needless to say, today was thrown off track.  In a Kwest to lose weight, scheduling is key.  A HUGE clue to FINDING Belinda’s new Body is following the ready made schedule PLUS when you get off schedule, GET RIGHT BACK ON ASAP!

My water intake is down today because of sleeping.  I am drinking now, but do not want to drink too much because I need to sleep soundly through the night!

At the moment of writing this entry, I am one vote away from 190 votes.  My goal was 200 by Monday, does not look like it will happen.  I only got to speak to 8 people today about GG>


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