DAY 41 Person by Person

DAY 41 – Person by Person, Pound by Pound, the votes are continuing to add up and the scale is dropping.  It’s a struggle, it’s a job; just like the additional weight that I carry on my small frame. I am 5’4″ and not meant to carry the burden.  I am determined to press on…. day and night, making the correct choices because I love myself, I love my family.

I said goodbye to my dear friend as she heads back across the pond to England; sSpoke with several dozen people as I was out and about today about GG and the HealthKwest Khantest.  Great advertisement for Genghis Grill. 
The Full Moon is AMAZING tonight, walking around was fun.  Not eerie at all as some people were mentioning.
My healthy bowl was BBQ again tonight, just craving BBQ for some reason… maybe cus I want to eat Big Texas Beef Ribs! lol hahaha not yet…..
Over the past few days I have met THE most amazing people – have gathered healthy tips, tried and true from around the globe.  It is amazing how everyone has a story about the way that THEY lost/lose weight.  Excited to stay in touch with them all!  New friends keep you balanced! lol

Headed to bed, early church tomorrow – special speaker Hilton Sutton – prophetic messages about Europe and other countries and what is playing out right now before our eyes!  No Fear!

Thanks to ALL who have voted.  You have no idea how much I appreciate YOU !  One by one, person by person, we are still in 3rd place!  As an encourager myself, I need encouraging sometimes!  When you say that you will vote for me and actually rememeber to do it, it makes me smile!  It keeps me going !  Really!
CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body:  Encouragers


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