DAY 28


Amazing day with the kids and GG.  I weighed today, three pounds less than yesterday when I weighed in… figures!  I figured it was water weight perhaps!

There were several managers in training in Addison GG.  Everyone was very friendly and supportive of me and the Health Kwest.  Wish them all success!

Spent 3 hours at Rain Fresh Water Company here in Dallas area.  Amazing family that has created some of the best and purest water that I have been able to find.   They are very creative and informative.  Clean, pure water is a giant CLUE in Finding Belinda’s New Body!

Distilled water draws out toxins and impurities but at the same time, it is totally dead, so you don’t want to stay on it very long past a cleanse.  Spring water in plastic bottles are a nightmare in estrogens and toxins.  Reverse Osmosis seems to be able to clean up most water of major solids and some smaller garbage.  The Rain Fresh Water system uses many steps, carbon, REO, oxygen bonding, vortex, ultraviolet, and more.  I enjoy creative and productive people!  Never, ever, never drink tap water.  If you need to know why, just write to me.  I’ll send you a few files over; be sure to tell me what city you are in and I’ll get you the cities water report!

I better get to bed, should have been there hours ago!  A bit concerned about the repost that some of Japan’s radioactive cloud hit California today.  Need to find official reports now.

The trampoline was my exercise tonight.  I can do 20 minutes without getting out of breath.  Yeah!

Dreaming BIG ~ Eating Healthy


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