DAY 37

DAY 37 – Lunch was buzzing in Addison , Tx for lunch!  I met two very special couples today.  One is from New Mexico and traveling in a motor home around the country.  They are in Dallas, a brief stop over for a few weeks so her hubby of 3 years can get a special therapy on his shoulders.  It was exciting to hear about their travels and how they met!

Another couple was so very precious – we had a lot in common.  He was a  musician as I am, and she loves to sew, me too.  We both have a Baby Lok enbroidery machine, of course her set up is very professional.  She made the shirt that he had on… a sleeved, button up.. make of what else? …. entirely of musical notes..  I luved it and he was SO proud that she designed it and made it! 

Today was fast and furious.  Got home right before midnight!  After spreading the healthy message in GG, I headed down to Dallas to a special jewelry show in which my friend Andrea and I served the healthy coffee.  We got many interested.  Of course, I was able to share GG HealthKwest and the Medical City Heart healthy message.  Hopefully most will vote! 🙂  Tonight I had my first ‘non healthy’ food!  I ate 4 teaspoons of meat/cheese hot dip with 6 crackers.  YUMMMMMmmmy it was delish!  But honestly, I didn’t want much.

It’s past midnight now, need sleep to keep the weight falling off.  getting in bed as close to midnight is a CLUE to Finding Belinda’s New Body!  Body fat and cortisol is produced when you get less than 8 hours of sleep…. so it’s off to sleep I go now.  Tomorrow is another day!

Dreaming Big ~ Eating Healthy

Belinda LaCoste


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