DAY 36

#ggHealthKwest  DAY 36 –

Spent most of the day speaking with clients on the phone…. that is what I do – always here for support! 

I am disappointed that my weight is not falling off faster, I am doing what works on others….. that means thyroid.  SIGH!  I knew that, but just didn’t want to give in! lol

 My Mahi Mahi fish bowl was extremely soothing to my system, all except the 3G sauce I added – too rich for my system, even though I used just a little bit, not enough to count.  TOO much sodium for me.  You would think I would learn ! hahah

Marketing myself is ok; having fun meeting people.  My new cards will be ready tomorrow thankfully with my new web address:   Hope this will help speed up the process of voting.

Quiet here tonight at home, one son actually watching Walker Texas Ranger and the other is designing some type of alternative electrical energy sourceLove my sons and SO proud of who they are becoming. 

They are being so supportive as all my friends are.  The only wish is that I were more creative on the computer and had access to designers ! lol

I am however running my race, hard and strong.  I suppose like most, there are ups and downs and literally not enough minutes in the day to check off everything on the list.  God first, family second, household provision then Genghis Grill.  Keeping my priorities in order during this busy time is a huge CLUE in Finding Belinda’s New Body!

Who would have ever thought that Genghis Grill would be such a vital part of my life at this time when just last October 24th was my first visit on my birthday!  Amazing!

 Dreaming Big & Eating Healthy… Belinda


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