DAY 35

#ggHealthKwest  DAY 35 and what a joy to be alive today!  Praying for all in Japan or those with relatives there.  Trauma is all across our planet.  We must be ready at all times; be at peace with God and ourselves and others.   You never know when your next breath will be your last.

My Greek Yogurt/Walnut breakfast was delish!  I really look forward to it; good calories, good calcium, even better probiotics.  Keep your gut healthy and you absorb your minerals/vits better!  We were out of greens for my smoothies, go figure! 😦  I can REALLY feel the difference.

I could have had more water today… sigh; will travel to Rain Fresh Water company in Mesquite area to pick up water.  They have the best around!  We will use the outing as a homeschool event in science!  We can also save $2 a bottle if we pick it up.  I will buy enough to make it a savings.  This water is so good, I used to travel from south Louisiana to fill my suburban and haul it back a few times a year.  When we moved to Dallas, I was one happy girl!  Whole Foods and Rain Fresh Water = perks for living in a big city!  Good water is definately a CLUE in Finding Belinda’s New Body.  ORGANIC foods to juice is another CLUE!  I loaded up on my organic foods to juice for breakfast and supper.

Jennifer is a precious 10 yr old that I met in GG today.  Her parents allowed me to film her.  Check out Genghis’ Face Book page to view.  She is a cutie!  There were a few people there today that voted for me while they ate.  That is always a blessing!

I am feeling ‘puffy’ today.  Hopefully it is because of not drinking enough water, which I will do tomorrow.  The cleanse is going great, not cheating and exercising each day.  I am determined to make this work!

Dreaming BIG ~ Eating Healthy!

Belinda L  ADDISON< TX


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