DAY 34

Saturday ~ Day 34 of the Healthy Kwest Contest.  We just got word that Khantestant in 1st place will no longer be in the competition.  This means as of Saturday nite at 10pm, I am in 3rd place.  I work hard at getting votes – need to work harder at losing the weight! 

The Mahi Mahi is an added delight to the Khan Kitchen.  All they do is prep it; no sodium, no oils, no additives that I know of….just fish.  I like it. Adding lemon juice for flavor really works for flavor with no added calories to count of or chemicals!

Just when I thought that I was not being effective in my nutrition coaching, spoke with two clients that really encouraged me.  After spending 5 hours with them, teaching them green smoothies, life skills to live in the same house together, respect, honor & other practical things, they told me that when I left, their lives changed!  I was a psycologist and a healer. I can take no credit;  I was just a vessel of YHWH to guide them to healing & peace.  Sitting her right now, I am the blessed one knowing that lives were changed for the better!…

I want to share the non toxic message with more people – the things that we are putting on our bodies are killing us….  the things that we are putting inside our bodies are killing us.  Better / wiser choices are key to health!

Healthy skincare & good food/coffee are my shout-outs this week – definately CLUES to Finding Belinda’s New Body!


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