DAY 33 – Comfort Food For Me

Friday – NOODLE DAY FOR ME!  Yeah, time to treat myself to a few Udon noodles in my bowl!

I woke up this morning with absolutely NO energy; got my attention.  It was noon before I could get up.  There were so many people tugging on me today, it was impossible to hang out at GG – only option was to get ‘er-n-run!

Ed did a fab job putting my bowl together – chicken, cilantro, green onions, carrots, ginger, garlic, broccoli, bbq sauce, citrus ginger sauce & the udon noodles.  There is something about the citrus garlic sauce & the noodles! 

My camera was unable to snap a pic of my bowl….by this time hunger had taken over & I could not wait two hours to eat, so…..It was eaten…every bite! YUM!!!!!!  *See photograph of empty carton!

My good friend married an Englishman last year &  has been living abroad.  She is in the states for her mom’s birthday.  Tonight, a group of 9 of her friends, me included met down in Dallas at THE GRAPE restaurant for a sort of going away party for her.  I think I will get 7 new votes.  Going to a restaurant and eating healthy was SO easy compared to the past.  Everyone was drinking wine, getting cream soups, baked potatoes, steak, bread, cheese, desserts even!  upon arriving, I had a cup of healthy coffee I brought with me, followed by a smoked trout waldorf salad.  It was amazingly delishious and so different to what I have been eating for supper.  It was very filling so when the dessert menu was brought to the table, there was no second thought.  I am SO amazed at the will power just to say no & it is not a struggle.

My paperwork for bloodwork was in the mailbox; I was getting worried it got lost! Don’t know if I can get in tomorrow; don’t want to do anythimg wrong!

Looking forward to spreading the GGHealthlwest Khantest!


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