DAY 32

THIS DAY was GORGEOUS!  blue skies, barely a nip in the air.  I helped a friend move out of her storage shed.  Sadly, they didn’t make her aware of a 2″ water leak into her unit…. books and memories – gone.  She had lost her house and most of her possessions in a house fire a few years back and this was the remaining few personal belongings.  Most of which now are ruined.  There is not much that can be done… yes it is an injustice, negligence and all out should not have happened.  She did maintain a since of peace,  after all,, this is just stuff, all which will burn up in the end anyway. 

After my hubby moved to Heaven, I learned about what was really important and what was not.  Trivial things that people blow up about, rant about, even kill over, are not REALLY important when you REALLY think about it.  Life and Death… not wet books and broken promises.  Sure we are human and have emotions, it is just a learned life skill to KNOW the difference.  Reactions are a choice!

Tonight I had an Ava Anderson Non Toxic Makeup party.  It was so nice to meet new ladies and renew friendship with old friends.  In the rush to get everything prepared, I did not have the luxury of dining in GG today.  My fabu Fish Bowl was eaten on the run!  I must admit it was just as good as when i took my time yesterday and ate in house.  HOWEVER, I was not there to gather votes and I lost 3rd place and I am in 4th right now just by 1 vote.   Hopefully the ladies and the makeup party will remember to vote tomorrow! lol

The Mahi Mahi is my favorite now.  Period.  Tomorrow is Fish Friday, should be a hit!  I will make sure it is!!! 

TODAY”S CLUE:  Remain calm, stress not.  A definite clue to Finding Belinda’s New Body!  Stress makes fat!!! (cortisol)

Some are aware of the Genghis Grill Contest that I am a part of.  Here is the direct link, I ask that you please take a moment to vote for me.   I am currently  3rd and 4th out of 55 people nationwide !  We keep going back and forth tonight!   Please vote for me there, I am 1st on the list and be sure to scroll down to the bottom to SUBMIT! It is that easy!  You will get a FREEE birthday bowl for filling out the info and voting for me!

I would really appreciate you forwarding my website to friends or anyone that would like to help me achieve the win.  It IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

Thanks so much.  Be watching for my email tomorrow!

YHWH’s blessings!

Belinda LaCoste


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