DAY 31

DAY 31 I sure had fun!  Today was Divine Appointment day.  I have been hastling with getting people to take the time to vote; especially when I would ask then to type in the long  web info.  I had 2 people that were VERY kind at GG and helped me get it better, finally getting to my own web site, but it was still going to take 2 clicks plus typing.  Well, my prayers were answered tonight.  Two guys, who USUALLY site in the bar section in a booth were seated next to me since all the booths were taken.  Long story ….. I was seated next to an IT Master degree fella.  He was SO kind and helped me… here is my new EASY voting site…    I am SO thankful, you have no idea how this stressed me out for weeks. 

I took a few videos today of GG fans and  employees.  Not sure if they are all posted, I’ll make sure tomorrow that they are all up and running.

I walked early this morning.  It was about 58 degrees, perfect for me!

The Mahi Mahi showed up on the line today.  I was extremely pleased with not only the flavor but the way it held up on the grill.  I had large pieces of flaky fish with a wonderful flavor, not overpowering at all.  This could easily become my favorite bowl!  I want to try it with lots of lemons next time.\

I have a VERY busy next few days – looking forward to helping a friend move out of her storage unit FINALLY, Clients, Non-Toxic Makeup party, GG, exercise, family time, God time, marketing myself, +

Dreaming Big-Eating Healthy!



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