DAY 30

Day 30, One month into this Adventure!  I am weaving myself through a maze of information; old wives tales, new wives tales, nutritional books, doctors suggestions, friends advice, and best sellers .  I am consistantly hearing my nutritional teacher’s lessons and continue to revert back to what she taught me.  I have done part of what she said, Month Two will be totally Dr. June and we will see how it works.  My clients lose weight on her teachings and method, I wanted to try a few other things during month 1 just to see… well, I am not totally satisfied, I have lost weight and feel good, but i need to push it this next month!

I took my oldest son with me today to eat.  I even allowed him to get the new PeanutButter Explosion!  It did not tempt me ONE BIT!  I was so impressed!    I honestly did not even want to taste it!  He got a dessert because of a mishap on his birthday with his cake.  On February 2nd, he turned 15.  This was in the middle of the snow storm and we had to stay home.  Saturday, we traveled down to Glenrose, Tx to a Creation Museum that we go to every year on his birthday.  We are all friends and were planning to have lunch together in between ‘sessions’ at the museum.  I purchased Luke an ice-cream cake.  The ice-chest was packed with water bottles in the bottom with the ice, the cake on top of the bottles, as not to get wet.  Sad thing, as COLD as it was outside with the snow, as COLD as it was inside the ice chest, since the cake was at the top of the chest, the heat vent blew HOT air down on the ice-chest… who would have guessed….it melted.. no cake for the birthday boy.  He has not let me forget either!   SO… tonight, I made the deal, “you quit griping about your birthday/cake and you will get a fancy dancy new dessert at Genghis!”  Deal !

I got back on the trampoline tonight instead of walking for the 3rd time today.  I have so much energy I want to MOVE! lol  I am tempted to bring my mini tramp to GG but no one REALLY wants to see a fat woman bounce all around ! lol  However… I am thinking about it!

I have to get to bed earlier… staying up late makes belly fat! More water, less stress, more smiling… more votes…Spread the love!


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