DAY 29

ONE MONTH…. TWO months to go!  Somewhere is Belinda’s New Body… is it in the nutrition?  Is it in the exercise?  Is it daily confessions and loving myself?  Is it consistancy?  So much out there – cleanses, programs, gyms… After 30 days, I am weighing less than when I started.  I am believing that my sugar, cholesterol and other vitals are lower also!

Today was a rather sad day around the house, our 91 year old neighbor had to put her dog down.  My youngest son has been helping with Chrissy for a week, trying to do different things nutritionally etc.  Today Miss Joy made the very difficult decision to love her pet of 15 years enough to get her out of pain and misery.  I had to do that in the 80’s … one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.  If you have been through this you understand the pain.

Clients kept me busy, marketing GG took a few hours and my DELISH bowl was definately a highlight of the day.  I am really enjoying traveling the 3.5 miles to my local restaurant and relaxing with my computer and meeting  GG fans.  I homeschool my children, so to get out of the house for a few hours is wonderful.  Now I see why people hang at Starbucks!  I look forward to the GG visit everyday.  Food is lagnaippe (extra).

There were a few birthday parties there tonight.  The atmosphere was festive.  I got to share losing weight with several parties in the restaurant also.  One guy is on his own kwest losing weight.  I shared a few pointers!    I have attached the link to the you tube video of one of the birthday parties.  They were so kind to vote for me and add me to share with their other friends.  SO THANKFUL!  Getting votes is hard work! lol  I have no idea how people get over 20 a day…. sigh.

I started jumping on my mini trampoline today… month two, time to kick up the exercise program.  I walk in the mornings and jump at night.  I believe this is a GREAT CLUE to finding Belinda’s New Body!

Thanks GG, this is really a life changing blessing!

Belinda L   Addison, TX


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