DAY 28

Lemon Water began my day with a little magnesium powder in it. Got my morning walk in before breakfast.  I had my power-secret-formula breakfast!  Top Secret & definately a CLUE in Finding My New Body!  The day was filled w/ meeting new GG Fans & asking for votes.  Clients called today & really needed me, so I missed Bible Study… bummed about it actually.  When do you draw the line as a teacher/mentor/health coach & say no?

Organic OrganoGold Green Tea for lunch along w/ an extremely healthy bowl of turkey & raw veggies!  Had to rush out to meet a client but went back later to eat supper! Our next door neighbor (91 years old) has been needing assistance with her dog who has fallen ill.  This takes some extra care, but it is a blessing to help widows! We will take Chrissy the dog to the vet tomorrow for her…

By the time I got back to eat, it was after 7pm.  I got more marketing material set up.  Tomorrow I should have it finished;  at least that is the plan.  My intensions are good, but when you rely on someone else, things may change!

  I feel a little acid & need to nip this in the bud!  Being around so much smoke today has me stuffed up tonight so I popped 3 wellness formula before bed.  Another brisk walk, 20 minutes, around the block finished out my day!  It is definately sleep time!!!!!


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