DAY 27~

Saturday – seemed like a day at the races!  I woke up excited in getting some of my marketing material over to Addison GG.  I took a few samples over to check out the sizes.  Yeah!  Got old faithful bowl – turkey and Brown rice-veggies-garlic water-ginger.  Tomorrow I am going to do a wrap!  whoohooo  maybe even breakfast!

I had two clients in the afternoon about an hour away.  The mom and daughter have been nutritional clients for a few years and are so precious! I stayed 5 hours…. ugh, lost a lot of marketing time, having to fold my material for the store.  But, did help them with their issues and it is always a pleasure to be in their home!

I got home at dark and was rather hungry.  Since I didn’t get to drink my water like I usually do, that meant no hard food for supper, it needed to be soft and juicy.  I chose Greek Yogurt – blueberry.  With only 90 calories and 12 grams of protein, it was the perfect choice.  After I ate, I got in the teaching mode about yogurt.  It is SO healthy for you IF you purchase the right one!

CLUE 27:  Greek Yogurt     Helping me along the kwest of Finding Belinda’s New Body!

Watch my you tube Video:


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