DAY 26 –

Wow Not sure why my blog/post is not here….. I am going to begin saving them in Word then cut and paste!

Friday at GG was swamped at lunch.  I LOVE the excitement when they are busy.  I took my friend Ledora to lunch, she had never eaten at GG before.  It is SO fun taking a newbie!  She was So cute, every bite she would shake her head and  make yumyum sounds!

I had the turket and brown rice traditional bowl since it is DAY 26 and I have not lost a pound in 3 days.  I will do noodles Saturday ! lol  Lemon water for both of us.

We spent the entire afternoon at the print shop working on my marketing AGAIN… I wish something would come together soon.  I did leave with some things that  was almost perfect and acceptable.  Am I being to picky?  Probably.  It is my perfectionist deal… working on it!

I had a Healthy Coffee Meeting tonight, meeting entrepreneurs like myself and I love it.  Since we opened up in England, I have been really working it.  Had a cup of Hot Chocolate to relax me at the meeting.

We had a fun family experience.  My 15 year old son, whom I homeschool, found his first real crush (from yeeeears ago) that he still speaks about, on Facebook and they caught up after 3 years of not seeing each other.  It was SO good.  He has always respected her and it is mutual on her part.    I am a happy mama to see my son happy.  He would wonder at least every few months where she was and how she was doing!  Friendship at 15…. oh the memories!

I am collecting as many CLUES as I possibly can in my Search for Belinda’s New Body!


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