DAY 25

#gghealthkwest – Amazingly amazing day ! lol  My GG bowl was my usual back to basics bowl… Turkey, onions, Cilantro, Spinach, saved the green onions to add later, garlic water, brown rice.  The green onions added crunch and tons of flavor.  I definately will do this again!

To thy own self be true……. heard this growing up, hit home today.  Running the race here as best to my ability, running my own race.  Sure, it is natural to look at the conpetition, but I must maintain my own race.  I just looked, I am 4th tonight by two votes.  As I sit here looking around at all the people here in my Addison GG, I wonder how many will actually remember to vote tonight.  They have my card; what kind of impression did I make to cause them to remember? I am believing that 12 – 15 votes will happen tonight because I am here tonight.  My children are not.  Are they missing their mom at all, as teenaged boys, doubt it, at least they don’t realize it yet!  I miss them and wish they were here to support me tonight. I’ll be home soon! It is worth it though, the opportunity to represent Genghis Grill in this Healthy Khantest.

I am in search of my new body….. help me!


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