DAY 24 – Losing More!

Losing more weight that is! 

DAY 24 – losing MORE! Not sure how much now, but I can tell it’s more!

CLUE:  Variety so I am satisfied & won’t cheat!  Changing up my bowl a little, still low calories, fat, sodium, lots of veggies & clean meat.  Adding the noodles, a comfort food, once a week, gives me something to look forward to!  The 1/2 serving of Citrus/ginger sauce was just the ZING needed to get me excited!

Busy morning with my Healthy Coffee Biz, samples going out, orders coming in!  While I am not a coffee fan, I have at least provided a healthy substitute for my clients and friends!  At the end of the day, I can feel that I have accomplished my mission of teaching people to make better choices, eliminating and substituting!  BUT… sitting around, doing offic ework is not movement! I do some chair moves, but will have to really get with it tonight!

Breakfast was simple.,,,  OrganicVanilla Greek Yogurt with Raw Walnuts.  I enjoy Stoneyfield Organic and so happy they are now doing a Greek Yogurt.  Greek Yogurt is in my opinion much healthier for you because of the protein value.  For instance, most high sugared yogurts (24-42 grams) carb have only 4 – 8 grams of protein.  Greek Yogurt is usually reduced in sugar, mine this morning was 18 gr carb total, and 22 PROTEIN!!!!!  Yes, 22 grams of protein in a cup/160 calories.   This is an amazing breakfast or cut in half for a snack during the day.

You get the benefits of the live active cultures, acidophilus, bifidus, casel, thermophilus, etc… HIGH in Potassium, which helps in weight loss  and aids in water retention. 

For my lunch, I walked on water today in Faith – ordered something so not the usual for me! I switched up Khan-pletely on the sauce and starch and I have to say, I am SO satisfied and not feeling guilty at all!
Chicken, Ginger, Cilantro, Carrots, Green Beans, G…reen Onions, Squash & Zucchini, Spinach
1/2 cup Ginger Citrus Sauce, garlic water and (NO BROWN RICE!) Udon Noodles
Calories: 387.5
Protein (g): 32.4
Carbohydrates (g): 58.1
Dietary Fiber (g): 3.7
Total Fat (g): 2.1
Saturated Fat (g): 3.5
Cholesterol (mg): 62.8
Sodium (mg): 752.6
I am feeling the sodium a little bit but I have my gallon water jug next to me as my desk so it will be ok! I am still in the ranges from Medical City’s suggestions!
I ate late in the afternoon, so no supper for me, if anything, perhaps a cup of healthy green tea or Healthy Hot Chocolate. It is infused with Ganoderma – an ancient chinese secret!!!!
After dark, I’ll get some walking in WITHOUT the 8 pound Chihuahua that drags me around the block, no fun getting drug! lol That is unless you are Mrs Khan I suppose! lol
Remember to love your neighbors, drink your water and hug yourself everyday!

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