DAY 23-Living FREE!

Which Way?  Whose Voice do I listen to?  What Choices do I make?

We all have probably had many suggestions, well wishers advice, online websites,  just an ocean of ‘expert’  doctor reports of what to eat/what not to eat, Fad Diets, exercise/weight training/walking since we have begun this trek and you are not really sure what REALLY works and what doesn’t!  Honestly, every body is different!  What works for me may not be successful for you!  I have however, through many years of nutritional training, learned the basics and that is what I am going to maintain during the Khantest.

Today, I am LIVING FREE of the guilt of the past’s wrong choices!  You can too!  Forgive yourself.  Do you know that unforgiveness can lead to disease?  Check out my teachings on my website   There are a lot of women especially that continue to beat themselves up everyday!  If you don’t love yourself, you cannot expect others to.

An exercise that I teach women to do, especially those with serious disease like diabetes, fibro, lupus, MS, is first thing in the morning as you are looking at yourself in the mirror is to REALLY look at yourself in the eyes.  For some it is very hard.  We look AT ourselves daily for grooming, but never really look into our eyes long enough to reach our inner soul. 

The next thing is to verbally say aloud-I forgive you, myself.  Do this as many times as it takes.  you will probably feel something coming up in your emotions, it is ok!  Keep saying it, over and over, everyday UNTIL one day you can look deep and feel no pain, YOU ACTUALLY feel FREE!!!!!

The next step is to hug yourself and tell yourself that you love you!  Do this while in front of the mirror!  It may be hard at first.  There are reasons that you may hate yourself, feel guilty, and hold past events hostage.  This may be the reason for your body holding onto fat or bad eating habits.  Maybe you have just been selfish!   Forgiveness is the first step.  If you need help in this area, please feel free to write to me 

FOLLOW ME AS I CONTINUE ON MY JOURNEY, my Kwest to Health through my daily choices.  Changing my body, one choice at  a time!


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