Day 21

#gghealthkwest  DAY 21 already!  Woke up this morning and looked on my ‘to do’ list.  My mentor teaches to assign something to every hour. First things on my list started with W’s !  Water – ok, hot lemon water.  Walk – brisk morning walk felt great, only 20 minutes though, I have tons of things to do today!  Wisdom – prayed for wisdom.  Every problem that you have is actually a wisdom problem!  I need wisdom on what to eat or  anything that will assist the weight loss.  I need wisdom on how to be more effective in getting votes.  I spend hours and get none.    There is SOMETHING(s) that I am missing!

Khan’s Kitchen has some remarkable foods that actually can assist the body in getting and staying healthy.  The bowls aren’t just pretty faces and tummy fillers!

Today’s food is Garlic.  On the Healthy Food Bar, garlic water and Garlic spice is offered.  The Garlic water is almost a free food, little calories, salt etc.  What you get for flavor does not compare to the calories eaten.  you could actually place the  garlic in almost any bowl and not taste it when mixed with another sauce.  You can have the health benefits without an over powering flavor of garlic; which I however like!

During the 18th Century, garlic was pressed and added to wine to help people avoid the plague!  In WWI and WWII, soldiers were given lots of garlic to prevent gangrene.  Today, garlic is widely used to prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and it has been proven in many  to improve the immune system.  Lately I have been reading reports that garlic may protect against cancer.  More studies need to be done.

Garlic is RICH in antioxidants and destroys free radicals.  Free radicals occur naturally in your body and can be caused by ultraviolet light, cigarette smoke, air pollution and radiation (yes this means cell phones!)

When you eat GARLIC, you may actually decrease the progression of cardiovascular disease – Decrease LDL levels and Raise healthy HDL levels – Decrease Platelet aggregation (clumping fo the blood) – Decrease blood Pressure – and Decrease Homocysteine and C-Reactive protein.

I like GARLIC because it strengthens my immune system.  Everyone needs that today!  When you eat RAW GARLIC, it has anti-parasitic properties.  Unfortunately, everyone has some type of parasite… like it or not!

Fresh GARLIC is anti bacterial, antiviral and antifungal… amazing!  I was reading a few months ago about a study that shows that GARLIC may help combat fatigue!  Imagine!

You may be wondering HOW MUCH do I need to really be affective?  Well let me tell you !   An adult needs between 2 -4 grams per day minimum.  Each clove of GARLIC is about 1 gram

Now, a word of warning about GARLIC, which is a good and bad thing.  It things your blood.  SO if you have high blood pressure or cholesterol, it is a good thing.  But, however, if you are going into surgery or about to give birth, it is a bad thing!

I have been adding Garlic Water to all my bowls and thoroughly like it; can’t say that for my friend and family!  Whew I must smell!!!!!

I stayed busy all day, not good as this should be my day of rest.  When you serve people, you serve people, no matter the day or the hour.  It’s all good though.

Arrived at the Addison GG around 6:30 pm which is rare for me, I like to eat lunch there but it was fun to see so many people tonight enjoying the good food.  I did strike up a conversation with the two fellows next to me as they were finishing up and asked them to vote.  Not sure if they will remember to vote, but hopefully they will at least remember some of the health tips I shared with Richard and Ed!  GUYS….. PLEASE don’t forget to vote and tell EVERYONE you know! lol

Brought home a turkey/sliced beef/garlic/BBQ /Veggie bowl for the boys.  they loved it.  Long walk tonight AFTER the rain shower…. wow it was SO amazingly refreshing.  Now, wide awake and I need to be asleep! Thankful to Medical City Hospital & GG.

All in the life of a GG KHANTESTANT –  loving every minute of it!

Belinda L   Addison, TX


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