DAY 20

Day 20 and I have had plenty………plenty of healthy food today!  Green juices, greek yogurt, raw nuts, a Medical City approved heart healthy bowl, lots of water & lemon plus a walk around the block, wind against my face the entire trip! 

I met a few new hopeful voters today, believing thyat over the weekend that they will remember to vote!

In flammation is a killer in  our society today.  Some of the foods on the Genghis Grill Food Bar is helpful with either keeping inflammation down or helping to reduce it in the body.  Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is caused by some type of inflammatory response.

  Resveratrol found in dark berries and quercetin found in onions & citron  have been shown to alter levels of inflammation by interacting with DNA sequences at the genetic level. The two super nutrients influence production of the inflammatory marker TNF-a and can help to prevent systemic inflammation and insulin resistance.

Onions are great as well as the ginger.  Quercetin can be found in  both yellow & white  onions also. 

Today’s bowl was piled high with both green & yellow onions!  I will try adding some raw onions & pineapple after the bowl is cooked!

Green Tea is high in Quercetin, I will bring my own next time since I don’t drink soda or black tea.   Inflammation is one of my issues I believe, so I am attacking this head on!


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