DAY 19

You could not have designed a better day!  Gorgeous weather, good food, and prospering business!

I got a little late start this morning.  My Healthy coffee business is taking off & I spent the morning expanding into the UK.  England opened Thursday, it is going to be massive.   Of course, just thinking about the possibilities tickles my emotions and makes me hungry! 

Breakfast was a liquid so I felt like having an omelet.  GG caters to just about anything you can think up, so an ‘egg breakfast’ lunch bowl was  the CLUE of the day to satisfy my desire and yet still eat a healthy bowl.

I love veggie omelets so I loaded my bowl with green & white onions, broccoli, squash, spinach, garlic water, 2 eggs and tortillas.  White tortillas are not what I regularily eat, so I just ate one.  If I would have thought about a little of pico would have been the icing!

Finally got a little marketing done around the location, long way to go since the print shop did not honor their verbal quote and now wants way too much money!

Trying to run my own race & not look above on the list, but it is hard not to think negative thoughts.  The leader is hard to compete with.  Since I am not a quitter, I see this as an opportunity to push harder, talk louder, put the blinders on and RUN!!  Run towards the prize….

There was no time to walk today since I got home after midnight & between eating GG, teaching piano, 3 nutrition clients and new Healthy Coffee biz, there was literally no down time to even think about designating to exercise.  I tried to schedule it in, but it did not happen, too badit is going to be hot tomorrow! lol


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