DAY 15


Long but prosperous day.  Presidents Day.  I remember as a child, we got to celebrate George Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, coloring sheets to mark their special day, an entire day spent learning massive historical facts concerning their lives and how they changed America for the better.

Today, we cram all the presidents into one day, none stand out, the day has lost significance. Does anyone else feel this way? 

I spent over an hour in my local GG eating a fish/veggie bowl as described on GG facebook page.  It really is a tasty combo!

By the time I got home from all the errands, grocery shopping and feeding the boys, I was a bit sleepy, so I made the choice of laying down, promising to walk at 8pm.  Well around 8 my cell rang, then rang again, then again.  I never walked today.  It became too chilly.

Prioritizing has got to be a priority!  No matter, I have to get exercise… I have to find my new body-it is manditory.


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