DAY 14

  In the words of Thomas Edison, ‘The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air, and exercise.’

Sounds like Wisdom! I will add and use these 3 CLUES today…hope they will bring me closer to finding My New Body!

Definately took Edison’s advice and ate good food ALL day, was outside most of the day, and walked 20 minutes up hill tonight.  Food is a tool in my
Kwest to find my new body!

I am frustrated with this blog however because I do not know the program & it is not how I want it, so I will plug along until I figure this out!!!!

I mentioned in my wall post that tofu had been eliminated from my diet years ago because of the stress it causes in your body.  A friend of mine has just released his new book and it says differently.  He is a medical doctor with a naturopathic degree also.  So, after reading Dale Peterson’s new book, I chose tofu today with 5 little pieces of turkey also.  Adding veggies, garlic water & a tad of the asian chili sauce, my bowl remains extremely lean & healthy.

Today I had to keep pulling my pants up……that is a VERY good sign!


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