DAY 13

DAY 13  Up early on a Saturday morning!  Boys still asleep.  I have a nutritional client at 10AM in Frisco, TX, about 30 minutes from my home.  Think I will find a GG on my way home to stop in for lunch on my way back!

So relieved that the broken A/C is resolved peacefully….as in only $50!! The Healthy Coffee Jazz Mixer went well, sold a bit of Healthy coffee to new associates until theirs arrives!  I don’t drink coffee, but for those that do, this is THE way to infuse the body with healthy things as you drink! lol

We are headed into week 3 in a few days…seeing results already!  Time to get REALLY serious with marketing!

Arrived at my local GG really hungry around 4pm.  Although tempted to load my bowl, I stuck to my plan that was decided upon earlier.  Fish dish; not animal protein since it was so late. Cilantro at the bottom, broccoli layer, green onions, onions, spinach, ginger, garlic water topped w/ fish.  I ordered 1/2 starch + asian chili sauce and only placed 3/4 of noodles in my bowl !!

Even though my boys complain of the garlic smell, I am sticking with it!  It really works to lower cholesterol levels and helps thin the blood a bit!

Lots of people were in this afternoon, I was surprised!  Glad our location is busy!!!

I have been listening & reading comments & watching video and have been made aware of the different foods people consider healthy.  It is purely relative.   What may be healthy for one may not work at all for another.  A diabetic may consider brown rice healthy while someone without diabetes may think the wheat udon noodles are.  Whereas the person without diabetes may have leaky gut and should not be doing wheat at all and the diabetic would be better off with simply meat and veggies.  Just because you don’t use butter and you may use lite cheese does not qualify a meal as healthy.  Fat is fat & carbs are carbs,  eliminating some things in a recipe may make it less in calories but does this qualify as healthy?  Just asking!  Want to get YOU thinking!!!  What does healthy mean to you?

I teach “Eliminate & Substitute”.  Write or email and I will send to you FREE, my E-card – a list of things that need to be eliminated permanently from your life PLUS what to substitute back in it’s place!

………just another clue in My Big Adventure – In Search for Belinda’s New Body!  CLUE:  Eating food as close to the form as it comes out of the dirt!!!

GG makes this easy!

The evening was simply marvelous, slight breeze, clouds, about 70 degrees.  I took a quick 20 minute walk around the neighborhood; or should I say, got dragged around the neighborhod by the chihuahua! lol

It wasn’t long after that the doorbell rang.  Anytime someone comes to my door after 9pm, you don’t get in! It was our 92 year old neighbor from next door.  Miss Joy was scattered and needed our help.  She was confused & could not remove her car keys (yes, she still drives) from the ignition & was extremely distraught.  My son & I walked her back home, only to find that the keys were NOT stuck, the car was still in drive & they would not come out!! So glad we were there to help. Makes me wonder what she eats everyday.  Most older single seniors do not cook for themselves.  She may even forget to eat sometimes.  We better bring her a GG bowl this week! 

Belinda L  ADDISON, TX


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