DAY 10

DAY 9 

#GGHEALTHKWEST  DAY 9   Oh what a beautiful Morning-Oh what a beautiful Day!  Sons fixed our live green smoothies for breakfast after sleeping in this morning.  I woke up planning what to eat at GG.  We went as a family, I really liked that!  Luke had been talking about BBQ for days so he and I built a BBQ bowl & used tortillas.  I am not into white flour and can really feel the difference tonight.  The bowl had extreme BBQ flavor; under 450 calories too!
I really need to get in the kitchen more to fix supper for the boys; I am not hungry at night now and have been  consumed with my day…they have let me know that they do not need to lose weight! lol
Tomorrow is another day.  Getting excited about Thursday night.  Not satisfied with voting yet, gotta have Divine ideas that work…that and about  $450 for the marketing plan!
Wish my store had an owner to get involved and help 😦  Not fussin, just saying!
Loving this opportunity!  See everyone in a few days!! Whooop!
Belinda L  ADDISON, TX

DAY 8:##gghealthkwest  Yesterday, being Valentines Day, made me ponder singleness -happens every year.  While I am content in my life, I know that we really were not created to be alone.  While family and friends provide comfort and a type of love, there is nothing on Earth that can replace the love of a mate.  While children take up much of my day now, nothing replaces their dad and his role as leader in the home.  My hubby moved to Heaven in 2000, two days after having a dream about being there.  We had two boys together, that which I am extremely thankful, they were 3 and 4 years old when he died.
   We moved to Dallas, TX believing to go on with our lives in an important and purposeful way.  It has been over 10 years he has been gone and in this time, I have had one REAL date and that was a lunch meeting that turned out pretty sad.  Our phone conversations were good but I got the, you are a great person, but your weight thing….
My weight apparently has kept me single and it has been a crutch at the same time…almost a protection for me!
    Until recently, I have lived a healthy life even with the weight.  I teach health and nutrition and have clients but have not been able to discipline myself into working out or daily exercise.  Having 3 jobs seems to provide enough excuses!  But lately, there has been a change in my health.  Even with all I ‘know’ to do, I was not practicing what I preached and it caught up with me.
   Before this contest, I had come to realize that if I did not immediately do something radical, my two sons probably would not have a mother…..I am all they have.  This contest is going to help save my life.  I know WHAT to do, but needed the strength to get it done.
  I thank-you Genghis Grill staff/owners for this opportunity, my sons thank you.  They deserve a healthy mom; my clients deserve a mentor that lives what she says, and my future mate will need me by his side!
Everyone wants more money, but I have an urgent, specific need.  Last month I believed and prayed for $10,000 to have a total mouth makeover done.  For health reasons I need it, and for my future spouse, I want it, it is necessary for my public businesses.
   I have not priced it lately, but think 10k is what it would cost.  Years ago when I had my smile redone, the dentist replaced what was supposed to be porcelain with cheaper rosin; he cheated me.  I am now paying the price with my health and cometically.  I really need help with this and the contest could be the provision I prayed for.  Now while there are other major needs, I found it amazing that the exact amount I am believing for to redo my smile is the exact amount of prize money!
  Nothing can stop me, I am on a mission!  It is Life and Death & I choose LIFE!
Belinda L  ADDISON, TX

DAY 8:  DAY 8 in the life of Belinda KHANtestant #1!  Entering week #2, I have mixed emotions of excitement to be in such a great Khantest yet a bit concerned about getting the votes.  I have the blogging underway & weight loss plan, but the marketing is not together yet.   That bothers me; don’t want to get too far behind!
Loved going to ADDSON location today; met new friends, took a few videos, walked twice today, fed the kids, took care of clients, started my Healthy Coffee business, went to Singles session online, now I need to sleep!
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DAY 7:

DAY 6:

 – Full day with lots in the mix:  Up early with youngest son, off to a college day out.  Even at the young age of 14, it is not too early to get prepared for your future. I didn’t go back to bed, instead, grabbed the Chihuahua and scurried around the long block, up and down the hill.  For the first time, I was able to go the entire distance without stopping or feeling weird.  SO excited about that!

Lunch with my oldest son was a treat.  He is always so entertaining!  Today’s bowl started out wrong !  I messed up and put pork in my bowl, it would not have been so bad but I placed all my green veggies down in the bottom first.  I find this works better so we do not have spinach all over the floor!  Needless to say, I started all over!  Turkey with spinach, broccoli, squash/zucchini, cilantro, green onions, I added white onions this bowl, used garlic water and ginger spice ending up using brown rice for the starch.  Beef was the plan, but when I arrived, I just didn’t feel like beef!

Veronica was my server again.  Everyone is nice and friendly.  Sitting there quietly in the corner booth) my fav spot) I worked on a few more marketing ideas; a little bummed after I read that another KHANtestant will be meeting with the franchise owner of her store for plotting and planning.  I won’t have that opportunity because corporate owns Addison!  Sigh!  There has to be more ways to get some help from my location… hmmm.hmmm.hmmm.

My bowl, as seen in the video was really good.  I absolutely love the hot spicy Asian sauce.  Spicy foods are  helpful in raising metabolism rates.  Between the zero trans fat turkey, the fat busting cilantro, all the veggies and the spicy sauce, something has to GO!!!!!!!

I got hungry for something sweet around 5pm.  I did not cave into bad choices.  Organic Blueberry Greek Yogurt and raw walnuts were my wise choices and OH MY was it amazingly refreshing!  I purchase the small containers because of the sugar/carb/caloric totals.  This comes in under 150 calories and 11 grams of protein!
My two cups of green tea today should have burned off 75 calories; I don’t have a clue what walking up and down the hill did.  It would be great if I could just dive in but with being out of shape for so long, hours sitting, teaching, writing, I will have to be satisfied (for now) with walking and a little on the mini trampoline.

My son James was blessed today to meet with a personal trainer at his event.  It was SO kind of him to ask specific questions for me and brought home, not so much new information, but confirmations to do what I know to do!
I am so full tonight, I can not do my green smoothie. That means, bright and early in the morning, juice-juice -juice!  LIVE FOODS keep you alive.  Nutrition is key here…..confirmed by the personal trainer today!
Perhaps I need to break down and purchase a scale.   🙂  Definitely want a pedometer.

It has been a good day.  I am satisfied.  I was actually 3rd in overall voting this morning; it has fallen to 4th tonight…. Need more strategy.  With over 700 face book friends, most I know personally, there has to be a way to get them to commit to at least ONE vote! Hahaha

 Sitting here listening to some Texas Swing w/ Johnny Gimble…So funny… my son Luke likes to play name that tune! Lol  Looking  forward to doing ever better tomorrow.  I give myself some Grace for not drinking enough water, drank a lot, but not enough compared to the sodium intake…. Big hug.. Just do it tomorrow!

Smooth Sailing Today In Search of Belinda’s New Body…

DateThursday, February 10, 2011 at 11:55PM

Post Your Status Update: #gghealthkwest   DAY 4:  Smooth Sailing today in search of Belinda’s New Body…

Breakfast in the raw-Green Smoothie-YUM!!!  Home schooling the boys is always a joy; molding a life is much more than books.

Today was the Best Bowl yet!  Since Day 3 and 4 are the roughest mentally in any health challenge,  I chose to do fish because of the Omega 3 for my brain.  Into the bowl went Marinated White Fish, Granulated Garlic and Ginger for heart health and fat burning, Broccoli (Vit C, A, Folic acid, anti cancer & fiber), Cilantro (belly buster),Bean Sprouts (some Omega-3) GG Red Peppers (Vit A, C, K), Green Onions(A, C, Chromium) Squash & Zucchini(Carotene), Garlic Water, 1 tsp Asian Chili Sauce and Brown Rice!

My Nautical Bowl’s Nutritional Facts:

Calories: 364.77 Protein (g):38.61 Carbohydrates (g):42.47 Dietary Fiber (g):8.82

Total Fat (g):4.32 Saturated Fat (g):0 Cholesterol (mg):120 Sodium (mg):319.99

This was the best tasting bowl yet and definately a CLUE to ‘FIND BELINDA’s NEW BODY!  Everything is carefully assigned a purpose nutritionally. I know WHAT to do, I just need to WORK the plan!

Today was fun; met more staff at my ADDISON, TX location.  I brainstormed with Ed and he confirmed my ideas for marketing would work!  I also met a few people inside that committed to voting today.  Five down, thousands left to go!!

It was a  little warmer here in Dallas and the Chihuahua really wanted to scamper outside so we took a fast and furious trek around the block!  I can usually walk while she jogs, but for some reason she wanted to RUN!  That meant I ran!  No clue how many calories I burned; pedometer on the list!

I feel my pants are looser today, great feeling!  I know WHAT to do to drop the weight…I need creativity & votes!!!

New blog should be finished by Monday, hopefully sooner.  This is a full time job! lol  I love it!!!  My healthy coffee business just may have to wait!!!  SAMPLES AVAILABLE…. lol

Thus ends another positive day in the Adventure of Finding Belinda’s New Body!  The pathway is clearer-it’s only a matter of not stopping!



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